With Puryette, home deodorizing tasks can be achieved with 10 times less effort.

Always Science-Backed

At Puryette, our process is always looking at the science. We don't cover up odors, we use active ingredients designed specifically to neutralize malodors. Then we rigorously test each formulation, both internally and through third-party laboratories, to make sure our products are the most effective and safe.

Our latest marvel, Citus Spice, which has gone through rigorous third-party efficacy tests and has shown to have an incredible instantaneous removal rate of up to 86.29% of H2S at 10ppm.

Commitment to Quality Ingredients and Reduced Environmental Impact

We start with quality ingredients from the most reputable suppliers. Only materials from globally-recognized suppliers, who are in compliance with international industry standards, are used. Aromatic plant extracts we select are in compliance with the safety standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), which establishes safety criteria for widely-used ingredients. After selecting suppliers, ingredients undergo strict quality control measures conducted both by suppliers and our internal Puryette team. Only the best, most effective ingredients are selected for our formulas. In addition to laboratory testing, Puryette products also undergo extensive field tests. And we look carefully at all survey results and messages to make sure we're always providing top quality.

We're proud of our plant-based formulas, and to unveil our latest spray, Citrus Spice, which is also UL ECOLOGO certified for reduced environmental impact. We take great pride in our work, and make all our products in-house, at our facility in Toronto, Ontario.



Experience our 2023 Citrus Spice Collection today. Other collections coming soon.

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