It Starts with a Formula

The Puryette story begins in 2019 with a single formula that originated half a century ago. It was a formula intended for industrial and commercial operations but it worked so well that we knew people would want this for their homes too. So we set out on a journey to make the formula into a ready-to-use spray for home use. From smoke and garages, to kitchen and pet waste, customers raved about the many uses for their Puryette spray.

Naming the Brand

Just where did the name "Puryette" come from? "Pury" is derived from the word "pure", because our products contain only what is needed and nothing else. The second part of our name, "Ette", is for "little" or "female", and also inspired by the Louisa May Alcott novel Little Women, where each character is unique and charts her own way. The name reflects that the Puryette team, influencers, and customers are mostly women. Puryette formulas may be a little addition to your home, but they make a large and wonderful impression, reminding us to live life on our own terms.

2023 and Beyond

Throughout the Covid pandemic and all the constant changes we experienced individually, as a company, and as a world together, we realized Puryette meant more now than ever. Puryette would not only eliminate unwanted odors, but provide people with truly revitalized, peaceful spaces. Spa quality at a reasonable price.

After the success and amazing feedback of our first formula, we got to work on perfecting other great odor eliminators. Enter Citrus Spice – a highly effective formula made with the best ingredients including proprietary odor elimination technology and essential oils of citronella oil, orange oil and cornmint oil. Not only is it a safe & scientifically-proven formula, we’re proud to say that Puryette Citrus Spice is UL Ecologo certified for reduced environmental impact.

Now with offices and staff in both Toronto and Houston, Puryette is One Spray Away from providing homes across North America with Instant Freshness!



Experience our 2023 Citrus Spice Collection today. Other collections coming soon.

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